What Interesting/Important Happened in 1964?

Have you ever wondered what are the events that marked the year of your birth?

If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place at the right time.

So, to find out what are the most interesting happenings of 1964, just keep reading!

Monica Bellucci Was Born

She is often considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world. Well, just take a look at her first appearance ever in a movie in 1990 and you’ll see why yourself.

This stunning and talented woman was born in 1964, just like you! You know very well about her pretty face, but did you know that, before she sailed into modeling waters, she was about to become a successful lawyer? She was a student of law, but then apparently realized that being a model is a much funnier thing to do.

And, in the end, that path led her to turning into one of the most popular actresses and finally becoming the oldest Bond girl in the history of James Bond movies.

Ian Fleming Died

Speaking of James Bond, here’s the man whom we have to thank for bringing us one of the greatest characters of all time. When he wrote his first Bond novel, Casino Royale, back in 1952, people were amazed. And it’s no wonder, even we are today.

It is officially one of the best-selling series of fictional books ever as well. Since it first came out, people were reading each and every sequel with more and more enthusiasm. So, today, the books have over 100 million copies sold worldwide.

However, Fleming was a heavy smoker and drinker during his whole life, which led to even two heart attacks in a three-year period. Unfortunately, the second one was fatal and he died in 1964 at the age of 56.

The First American Discotheque Was Opened

Do you like dancing in da club? If you’re the type of person that can’t wait for the night to fall so that you can finally go out and have some fun in the disco, and you live in America, you should bless the year 1964.

Why? Because that’s when the first nightclub in the US ever, Whisky a Go Go, opened its doors for the fans of good music and dancing. If you wonder if it is the first discotheque in the world to be opened as well, we have to disappoint you. Actually, it was the Whisky à Gogo, established in Paris back in 1947 (which inspired the name of the new disco located in California).

Interestingly, although it was meant to be a place where you can enjoy the music from the most popular records, many bands started their careers playing there live. So, remember this site for launching some legendary bands, such as The Doors, No Doubt, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, KISS, Guns N’ Roses, AC/DC, and many more.


Keanu Reeves Was Born

Who is your favorite actor? If you said Keanu Reeves, you are one of the millions on the planet who just love this man born in 1964. We can learn from him a lot about humanness, but also about how brave and determined you have to be if you want to make your dreams come true.

Reeves was so self-conscious and confident even in his teen years that at 17 he dropped his highschool and at 19 he moved to LA to pursue acting.

We all know how great he was in The Matrix and John Wick, but let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of the very beginning of Reeves’s acting path. So, click here to see him driving a bike a lot and drinking Coca-Cola a lot in his first appearance ever in the 1980s Coca-Cola commercial.

And then, if you have plenty of free time wondering what movie to watch next, choose Youngblood from 1986 and make sure you checked out the first movie Keanu Reeves ever filmed.

Martin Luther King Received The Nobel Peace Prize

Here’s another man who had a dream. A dream of a new world where the color of skin wouldn’t matter. He was a fighter for those who couldn’t raise their voice.

And all of that fighting for social justice brought him the Nobel Peace Prize, which was handed to him in 1964.

But, unfortunately, not everybody thinks that all people should have equal rights – he was murdered very soon, in 1968.

Nicolas Cage Was Born

Nicolas Cage is one more great actor born in 1964. What a fantastic year for the art of acting!

Once upon a time, Cage was watching East of Eden. There, he saw James Dean in one of his best performances and got overwhelmed with endless inspiration for becoming a legendary actor just like him. „That’s what I want to do“, he thought to himself.

At the time, his last name still was Coppola. However, he didn’t want the heaviness of being a nephew of one of the biggest directors in the movie industry, Francis Ford Coppola, so he decided that from then on he will be Nicolas Cage (inspired partly by Luke Cage, the Marvel Comics superhero).

The First Computer Mouse Was Invented

No matter what you do in life, we’re sure you touch your computer mouse at least once a day. So, 1964 is the year we should all celebrate because that’s when the first computer mouse ever was invented.

Its inventor was Douglas Engelbart, Director of Augmentation Research Center in California back in the moment. At first, it had a cord in the front, but it was so unpractical that the cord was moved to the back right away.

And why it was named mouse – have you ever asked yourself? Well, exactly because of that cord which reminded the inventors of the mouse’s tail. They probably didn’t ever expect to see tailless computer mouses we know today.


Well, 1964 was just another year full of interesting happenings in the row.

But, there were so much more of them afterward. Therefore, to find out what are the most interesting events that occurred in the following 1965, don’t hesitate to read our next article!

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