What Interesting/Important Happened in 1965?

Are you curious to find out what interesting happened in the year of your birth?

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Winston Churchill Died

Winston Churchill was surely one of the most important historical people of the 20th century, and, unfortunately, he died in 1965 from a stroke at the age of 90. When he died, the state funeral was organized, and it was the first funeral of that kind for a non-royal family member in a long time. It lasted for four days!

It is well known about his political career, but let’s remind ourselves of what a great writer and artist Churchill was. He even won the 1953 Nobel Prize in Literature for his significant historical and biographical works. Still, he remains the only British Prime Minister to receive such an honorable award.

Okay, maybe you already know about the facts we’ve just mentioned, but did you know that Churchill was officially the first person on the planet ever to read the ’OMG’ phrase? We can find those three letters we shout out whenever we feel shocked used for the first time in a letter that was sent to Churchill back in 1917!

Sarah Jessica Parker Was Born

Ladies, if Sex and the City was your favorite TV show, you will be delighted to find out that its brightest star Sarah Jessica Parker was born in 1965 just like you!

Before she accepted it, she was very indecisive about the role of Carrie Bradshaw cause it was nothing like the roles she was used to. However, thanks to her husband’s support, she finally said yes to the offer. Luckily for her, because this is the role that brought her four Golden Globes, two Emmy Awards, and three Screen Actors Guild Awards!

But where did she start from, you might be asking yourself?

From a very young age, she was patiently preparing herself for the following acting career – she attended music and ballet school. And that’s why she was so amazing even at 14 starring in the Broadway musical Annie in 1979. From that day on, everybody knew that the star was born.

Slash Was Born

Is some high-quality rock your cup of tea? If you love to listen to Guns N’ Roses from time to time, you just can’t be indifferent when the riffs come on. So, let’s take a moment to appreciate Slash for his perfect playful performance on the guitar every time in every song!

And of course, let’s thank the year 1965 and his parents for bringing us such a legendary musician.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, Saul Hudson is the 65th greatest guitarist of all time. On the other hand, his riff in Sweet Child o’Mine is the best in the history of music according to Total Guitar!

However, although it seems like he was born with a guitar in his hands, it wasn’t the first instrument Slashed learned to play. The first one was the drums!

And, above all, music is not the only art Slash has an interest in. He ran his own production company for horror movies named Slasher Films. So, if you are not afraid of nightmares, be free to check out the first movie he produced back in 2013 – Nothing Left to Fear.

Miniskirt Was Introduced

Miniskirt – a piece of clothes that is simply inevitable in every girl’s closet nowadays. However, that wasn’t the case when it comes to our grandmas. Back in their time, beneath-knees skirts were appropriate, and above-knees skirts were shocking.

But then, the year 1965 came, together with British designer Mary Quant. And everything changed!

Ten years earlier, Quant opened Bazaar, the boutique that later became iconic and a historical place of London city. According to her own words, with time, more and more women were coming to her boutique asking for some shorter skirts. Quant herself was wearing them, so the other women seemed to like it.

So, she made their wishes come true. And finally, in 1965, during the Melbourne Cup Carnival in Australia, beautiful model Jean Shrimpton showed up there in a short white dress, causing a big sensation.

Have you ever wondered why the miniskirt was called ’miniskirt’? Well, Mary Quant’s favorite car was – Mini Cooper itself. Therefore, as she explained, ’mini’ was a perfect name for a short skirt just like for the car because both of them were „optimistic, exuberant, young and flirty“.

The First People to Walk in Space

Back in 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the first human to go to space. But that didn’t mean the space missions were over.

In 1965, two men – American Edward White, and Russian Aleksei Leonov became the first people in the history of mankind to walk in space. We mean, to get out of the space shuttle and really, really walk in space.

Actually, Leonov was officially the first one to do so. He exited the capsule on March 18 during the Voskhod 2 mission and walked through space for more than 12 minutes!

And a bit later, on June 3, White became the first American to sail through the stars during the Gemini 4 space mission. Only imagine the feeling!


Did we manage to satisfy your curiosity?

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