What Interesting/Important Happened in 2018?

It would be really great if you had someone to remind you of the most interesting and important moments from the past, wouldn’t it?

If you agree, we are sure you will be glad to discover this article.

Here we’re about to look back at the year 2018 and recall some of the biggest highlights from back then.

Plus, we’ll serve a lot of fun facts, so go on and just keep reading!

Stephen Hawking Died

Unfortunately, his disease paralyzed him, but his intelligence was eternal his whole life. That’s why he was one of the best physicists we’ve ever seen, especially when it comes to the new age.

When you grow up in a family where reading books and talking science at dinner times is a fashion, you can’t help falling in love with being a scientist. So, we should not be surprised Hawking had two university degrees in his hands – both the one from Oxford and the one from Cambridge.

At the time when he became a teenager, Stephen was already able to make a computer out of old clocks and telephones parts.

Sadly, just at the time when he began understanding the biggest secrets of the universe, a terrifying thing happened – he found out he suffered from motor neuron disease. It was gradually affecting his brain cells that communicate with the body’s muscles, and he was prognosticated to have only two years left to live.

However, surprisingly, Hawking lived long enough to celebrate his 76th birthday! He died back in 2018 after years and years of fighting through life.

Have you already seen The Theory of Everything? If not, we definitely recommend you to do so!

Aretha Franklin Died

Did you know that the Department of Natural Resources of the state of Michigan officially declared the voice of Aretha Franklin a „natural resource of the state“ back in 1985?

Even if you just found out about this fact, we bet it didn’t surprise you at all. Aretha really was one and only, a legend that will never be forgotten.

She began her career at the time she still was a child, singing gospel around the churches of Michigan.

Who would have thought back in those days that that little girl will turn into the Queen of Soul and the 9th greatest artist of all time, according to Rolling Stone magazine!

Also, she rocked all the Grammy Awards ceremonies from 1968 to 1975 – she won the first eight Grammies that have ever been given in the music industry.

However, in 2018, this amazing woman and singer left this world at 76. The cause of death was a pancreatic tumor.

Avicii Committed Suicide

The year 2018 brought us one really shocking happening as well – Avicii committed suicide. That was so sad news to hear for all those who loved to dance to his songs and always waited impatiently for the new ones.

No one expected such a thing from this young and successful man, but, actually, he had some serious mental health problems during several last years of his life that we didn’t know about and suffered from stress.

As a matter of fact, that was the reason why he canceled his touring in 2016. So, his fans got the chance to see him performing for the last time, without even realizing that, at Ushuaia Ibiza, an open-air dance club in Spain, the very same year.

And only some true fans of his will know how Tim Bergling got his stage name. If you weren’t one, here’s the story – it comes from Avici, which represents the lowest level of Buddist hell.

But why the second „i“? Well, the reason is simple – someone had already taken the name on MySpace, so Tim added another letter at the very end.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Got Married

The whole world was shaken last year because of the news that these two decided to leave behind the royal family of the UK.

Therefore, it is a perfect moment for us to go back in the past and remind ourselves of some happier times when all the royal members still had a smile on their faces – right to the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in 2018.

It was one of the most important events not only of the year but of the decade for sure. The couple spoke the vows in St George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle and almost 30 million people watched them live on TVs all around the world.

Wanna know some more fun facts?

The veil that Meghan Markle wore featured flora from each Commonwealth country at her own request.

Speaking of flora, her bucket included Forget-Me-Nots, which were the flowers Princess Diana loved the most.

#MeToo Movement Started

The moment when the #MeToo movement came to the scene was surely one of the most important things that happened back in 2018. It gave the opportunity to all the women around the world who have ever been exposed to sexual harassment and sexual abuse to try to find their remedy.

The phrase was used for the first time in this context in 2006 when the case of Tarana Burke was made public. She was one more sexual assault survivor in the row but the first one to step up bravely in the name of all the women on the globe who have ever got hurt.


So, you didn’t have enough of taking trips to the times behind us?

No problem!

Just switch to our next article and you’ll recall the most interesting and important happenings from the following 2019 as well!

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