What Interesting/Important Happened in 2016?

The year 2016 is considered to be the near past.

However, have you already forgotten what interesting and important happened back then?

Even if that’s the case, you don’t need to worry – here we are to remind you!

So, just keep reading!

David Bowie, George Michael, and Prince Died

The year 2016 was very sad for all those who used to love 1980s pop and rock. In only one year, we’ve lost three great musicians, unique artists, and generous people – David Bowie, George Michael, and Prince all left this world five years ago, but still, remained their music to fill our hearts with joy forever.

The Rolling Stone magazine proclaimed David Bowie one of the 100 greatest artists of all time and even named him the „Greatest Rock Star Ever“ just after his death in 2016. Can you believe Bowie released eleven number-one albums? He certainly was one of the biggest in music history!

Needless to say, George Michael already became a star as soon as he appeared in Wham!, but from the moment Careless Whisper came to light, everyone got to love him even more (especially those romantic souls). This song reached number one in more than 20 countries all around the world!

And Prince, it seems that he was an absolute winner back in the 1980s – Purple Rain was officially the most-watched movie in 1984, its soundtrack became the best-selling album the very same week, and When Doves Cry was at the top of all charts.

Orthodox and Catholic Leaders Met for the First Time in 1,000 Years

Maybe you already forgot about it, but back in 2016 occurred one of the most important events in the near history – Pope Francis and Patriarch Kiril of the Eastern Orthodox Church met for the first time in nearly 1,000 years.

This big moment took place in Havana, Cuba, and the pope said: „Finally! We are brothers!“

And when was the previous time a catholic and an orthodox leader met, you might be asking yourself? Well, it happened in the very, very distant past – back in 1054, in Rome, at the time the churches divided in two.

The Brexit Referendum

Once upon a time, every European country’s dream was to enter the European Union. However, in 2016, one of them decided to leave it and the world was shocked – the United Kingdom voted to break the alliance, despite being one of the most respectable members.

Was it a wise decision or not? The time will show.

The First „Three-parent Baby“ Was Born

How was such a thing even possible, you probably think right now?

Well, there is a controversial technique that uses DNA from three different people and it makes a baby.

No, it didn’t happen because three people fell in love with each other so much they wanted to have a mutual heir. The truth is the DNA procedure was used in this particular case to ensure the baby that was about to come to the world would not have Leigh syndrome.

This dangerous syndrome is a severe neurological disorder that is characterized by progressive loss of mental abilities and is usually carried by the baby’s mother.

In most cases, Leigh syndrome results in death within a couple of years, so the first three-parent baby from 2016 gave a bit of hope that there could be some way to change genetics and save children’s lives.

Donald Trump Became President of the US

The 2016 elections in the United States were definitely one of the most exciting and unpredictable elections in the near history of this country.

A big part of the US population voted for the former secretary of the state, Hillary Clinton, but, in the end, Donald Trump won gathering the majority of votes in most than 30 countries. At that moment, Trump became the first president of the US without any prior military or government service.

However, it turned out people were not satisfied with the results and they couldn’t wait for the following elections in 2021 to vote against their president Trump. Finally, he lost against the 46th President of the US, Joe Biden.

Muhammad Ali Died

He was nicknamed The Greatest, and not without a reason – in the world, there has never been a better heavyweight boxer.

A long time before he became Muhammad Ali, Cassius Clay (which was his birth name) had a dream about being the best boxer that has ever lived. He began training box at the age of 12, and at 18, he already won a gold medal at the 1960 Summer Olympics. Imagine that!

After winning many, many more medals, and after establishing himself as an activist, poet, and entertainer as well, in 1984, Ali announced that he, unfortunately, suffered from Parkinson’s syndrome.

The famous boxer fought the illness bravely for decades, but, sadly, in 2016, he lost his last battle at the age of 74.

Fidel Castro Died

From 1959 to 2008, many things in the world had changed, but one thing remained – Fidel Castro as the leader of Cuba. During 49 years of his leading, even ten presidents switched in the United States!

Born as the son of a wealthy Spanish farmer, Castro turned into an anti-imperialist and leftist while his studies of law at the University of Havana.

Although he had many wrong moves during his leadership, interestingly, Castro did much to improve the health care system in Cuba.

He took care of his own health as well obviously, as he lived a long, long life – he died back in 2016 at the age of 90. The cause of his death was not disclosed yet.


So, did our article recall your memories from 2016?

If you want some more of this experience, you should check out our next article about the most interesting and important events from the following 2017!

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